The Power Grinder - Upper Body Ergometer

In 2014 development of the Power Grinder was driven by requests from participants in the America's Cup who were seeking a reliable testing and training ergometer. They needed a tool capable of replicatiing the requirements of the cranks in their racing acatamarans. In particular the device needed to be the same size as those on the boats; to accommodate two athletes simultaneously for both forward and backward rotation, and most importantly to record accurate measurment data. 

A prototype was produced based on these specifications. When compared to other upper body ergometers on the market it offers a wider range of resistance and measuures higher poer (up to 2000W) for longer duration. Data is recorede wirelessly via an app (currently only Android) and files can be analysed in precise detail using our dedicated PC software.  

However, it's not only sailors who will benefit from the Power Grinder. It has become an efficient and effective fitness and training machine for almost all requirements. And best of all there is no technique to learn before you can use it effectivley. 

With such a wide range of resistance everyone can benefit from using the Power Grinder. It's perfect for cross training and recreational use. It's even suitable for use by children. Women espaecially will love that they can access a quick workout which tones their upper arms with a high calorie burn. 

The Power Grinder is available in two versions with different tilt and height options making it easily accessible for use by disabled people or those with sensory impairments. 


  • Crank handles for one
  • Magnetic Resistance in both directions - forward and backward 
  • Right and left side separately evaluated, in both directions
  • Easy tilt adjustment
  • Bluetooth connection
  • USB port for direct connection to PC analysis software 
  • Battery power-pack supplied
  • Android app allowing use of phone or tablet for flexible file management (send to a coach or save to the cloud etc)

Product details:


Max. applied load: unlimited
Dimensions (LxBxH):
Product weight: 40 kg
Power range: 10 - 2000 Watts
Resistance Gradation: continuous
Accuracy: +/- 1 %
Displayed parameters: time, speed, force (N), power (W), balance of left and right hands (%)


K1024 DSC 0092Grinder1B